Two Secret Tax Loopholes the Rich Use to Save Billions

Allow me to introduce you to Johnny Boom

J.J. Pryor


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Let me tell you a story.

Johnny Boom was born in 1960 to incredibly wealthy parents. So wealthy, in fact, that when they bought their first international publication, it ranked them as among the richest 1000 people in the country and named them ‘Couple of the Year’ in the same issue.

What a crazy coincidence!

Johnny Boom was raised right. He was sent to the best schools regardless of his grades and did everything that was expected of him.

He made friends with the children of richer parents. He married a younger, white, gun-toting, Christian woman of proper breeding stock. He invested his considerable wealth in the right areas — real estate, hedge funds, stocks, and politicians.

But in 2020, Johnny realizes he has a problem:

“How can he pass on his entire fortune to his children without paying a dime in taxes to the filthy society that helped him become a billionaire?”

But don’t worry, friends, Johnny found a solution!

He and all his wealthy better-than-us-es realized the perfect way to never have to pay a single penny in taxes — even after death!

The “Buy, Borrow, Die” Tax Loophole

Their adopted plan is clever. A plan that is completely contrary to popular thinking among the peons of society (those filthy vagrants who own less than $10 million — imagine that, hah!).

You see, while the pissants were struggling to pay off mortgages, car loans, and pay 20% interest to Cash N’ Go just to eat dinner twice a week, they had developed a mantra: ‘All debt is bad!’

But our Johnny knew better.

He hired a semi-wealthy financial expert to teach him all about ‘Buy, Borrow, Die’ and now it’s helping him and all his ultra-rich friends keep an estimated $2.7 trillion in untaxed profits!


Especially when you consider their total net worth is only $4.25 trillion. Imagine saving 64% of your taxes that could solve homelessness in America instead!



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