Five Things That Have Tried to Kill Me in the Last Two Weeks

Please witness my tale

J.J. Pryor
5 min readSep 30, 2022


A bloody knife drawing
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Dear friends,

It has been two weeks since I last wrote. I beg your forgiveness, but I feel my absence has been warranted. For if you believe in the laws of magnetism, then know I have inadvertently fallen into a new form of the magic — the universe is now attracted to killing me.

#1. The Taiwanese Spider Queen

My first point of evidence occurred roughly two weeks ago. I had driven down to the southern edge of Taiwan with friends for what we thought would be a fun-filled weekend. Several hours and beers later, I wandered off to my tent-hut to recuperate.

I climbed up the short ladder, crawled over top my sleeping bag, laid down, and turned on my phone.



A large black spider with egg sac
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Three inches of pregnant anger jumped in the air. It stood there, facing me, daring me to move. It raised up its fists in a challenge I could not accept.

I retreated to the campground bar to heal my pride.

#2. The Taiwanese Face Crawler

The second incident was but a short while later. After consuming enough courage and asking advice of more seasoned peers, I returned to the tent-hut gallant and prideful. Lights on. I looked high and low. No enemy in sight. Peaceful sleep would soon befriend me.

As I lay on my back, I millennialed and opened my phone for one last glimpse of wasted time.

Then something huge crawled up my cheek.

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I’ve never slapped someone so hard in my life — let alone myself. The beast flew off my face and hit the tent-flaps with a thud. Being full of courage, I flipped over in an instant and used my expert millenial-tuned phone instincts to shine light upon my foe. There, on its back, lay the largest god…



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