A Short Tale of a Kitty in Taiwan


J.J. Pryor
3 min readSep 8, 2022


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I was meandering around the city I call home at night and stopped in my tracks as I came upon a curiosity.

A lone kitty on a lonely street staring up at a lonely empty wall.

A cat in Taiwan staring at a wall
Photograph by Author

What was it doing? Why was it ignoring me standing there? Couldn’t it hear me speak?

I’m fluent in cat, after all.

Maybe it saw a ghost? Was it waiting for its owner to come back? Or was this was more of a Hachikō situation, where the faithful pet stands guard waiting for an owner to never return from the grave?

I had to know.

So I waited and kept clicking.

A cat in Taiwan staring at a wall
Photograph by Author

Time passes.

No change.

Why won’t you look at me kitty?

I think. I breathe. I make weird little kitty chirping noises.

Do I not exist in your world?

A bit more time passes.

Then at last — success!

A cat in an alley in Taiwan staring at the camera
Photograph by Author

I have gained its attention!

The kitty shall now surely come over for pets and murmurs, something only second to catnip in the kitty world.

The joy is short-lived.

Alas, I am but a nuisance.

He turns back.

A cat in Taiwan staring at a wall
Photograph by Author

I stand there in indignance after being rebuffed. I take the time to zoom in.

I wait further.

And then the moment of clarity comes.

Ahhhhh, that’s why. Yes, of course.

A cat meeting another cat in an alley
Photograph by Author

I had forgotten the real order of importance in kitty world:

#5. J.J.

#4. Murmurs from humans

#3. Petting (not heavy)

#2. Catnip

#1. Incredibly loud scary screaming cat lovemaking that gives me nightmares and keeps me awake at night because my neighborhood is apparently an open-invite orgy for anything with fur on its back and claws in front.

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