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I was fascinated with Nostradamus as a child. The idea that a person could see and predict the future was nothing short of amazing to my young mind.

I read as many short novellas on the subject as I could get my little hands on. And I ate them up as fast as I could devour my sacks of Halloween loot every year.

No one really noticed my obsession. I read books voraciously at that age, and these were just a few of many.

But these passages struck a chord with me. Of all of the magical books I was reading at the time — these were the only ones that were true. …

Lifestyles of the rich and famous aren’t so hard to emulate after all

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“Drop by drop is the water pot filled.” — Mr. Buddha

Many of us long to make drastic changes to our lives. We’re tired of the same old, same old. The slide into Drudgery Valley. The pit of quicksand we can’t seem to worm our way out of.

If you feel like this at all, now is probably a good time to make some changes. Because there ain’t no better time than right now.

But how do we know what changes are truly worth all the extra effort? …

Pseudo Psatire

It’s called J.I.T. and it’s been proven to work at least 51.4% of the time

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Did you know diets are proven to be ineffective more than 85% of the time? That’s soul-crushing news.

But there is a way to stack the odds in your favor, even if they won’t reach 100%.

Some diets have been statistically proven to be more effective based on long-term studies. Diets like the Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, and bulimia are thought to be more effective at losing weight in the short to mid-term.

Those are pretty good, but they haven’t yet examined one of the best diets to be invented in the 21st century — “J.I.T.”

Based on a recent study in 2020, it was thought to be effective for 51.4% of the people who tried it — although the study should’ve included a lot more. …

I examined 102 news sites on the news bias chart

Is our news media biased statistically? A picture showing an elephant and a donkey representing news bias for Fake News Media
Image by chayka1270 from Pixabay
  • ***Update 9/12/2020 — due to a lot of polite feedback, I wanted to include 3 updates from Ad Fontes Media’s data collection.
  • They’ve now separated the website from CNN the cable news site
  • — Bias score is -5.69 — Reliability score of 42.22 — (Considered relatively neutral with a slight left bias, and mostly factual reporting with some opinionated content)
  • CNN cable network — Bias score is -11.85 — Reliability score of 36.0 — (Considered left-biased and a lot of opinions mixed in with mostly factual reporting)
  • OAN Network (One America News Network) — Bias score of 22.0 — Reliability score of 20.83 — (Considered very right-biased with very questionable content approaching propaganda…

Pseudo Psatire

This may be a hard pillow to swallow for some of you

Mike Lindell the MyPillow Guy
Photo by Gage Skidmore on WikiMedia Creative Commons

You may have seen me in the news lately. I’ve been a tad busy working on, uhh, you know, saving our fucking country.

Where have you been? ‘Voting’?

Spare me your lies, libtards!

Note: But not your dollars please! Your money would be much better spent on our absolutely luxurious line of MyPillow Classic Bed Pillows! Now buy one get one free!

I bet you’ve seen me walking into the White House and thought — “Oh wow, there goes our democracy.” But you would only be partially correct, idiot.

Some people have an incredibly faulty perception of who I am. Firstly — despite my appearance — I am not ‘Mario and Luigi’s pedo uncle.’ …

Take a break from the insane insurrection and laugh at these dastardly dirty dad jokes

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I’m really looking forward to 2022 after this first week. But I haven’t yet invented a time machine. Clearly Future JJ is dropping the ball.

Anyway — I woke up today and wanted to smile and laugh instead of cringe at all the news. Maybe you do too. So here’s a collection of some off-humor dad jokes for those of a similar mindset.

Don’t forget to pee first.

Husband: The Doctor said I could touch myself anytime I want to.

Wife: No, he said you could have a stroke at any time.

1: What did one butt cheek say to the other? …

414 alternatives to the 25 most boringly common written adjectives

Colorful spices on a table representing writing and adjectives.
Photo by Prachi Palwe on Unsplash

Are you looking to fluff up your writing a bit more? One easy way to do that is by fluctuating your word usage.

In the vast ocean of articles being posted online every day, there is an overabundance of similarity.

I believe this stems from the frequency of our spoken language.

“If you learn only 800 of the most frequently-used lemmas in English, you’ll be able to understand 75% of the language as it is spoken in normal life.”

Most people write using the words they say every day — and that’s great for the act of being understood.

But if you want to stand out, you should add some spice to your writing and mash in some flavorful synonyms. …

Stop searching for the ‘how’

A woman staring out over a beautiful lake pondering about life improvement.
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“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” — Nietzsche

I asked my French friend when he will quit smoking. “When I have kids,” he replied.

A year earlier, I asked another friend a similar question about alcohol. He’s a Dutch dude and has a strong fondness for beer. “When a doctor tells me I shouldn’t drink anymore.

I recently noticed a Canadian companion has been packing on internal insulation during covid. He used to be somewhat fit, even as he’s been aging.

When they let me back into the gym,” he explained when asked about turning around his new lifestyle of no exercise and binge eating. …

“Learn from the best and teach the rest.”

Incredible headlines by JJ Pryor
Created by J.J. Pryor

It’s headline month here in my brain, and I’ve been collecting information from anywhere and everywhere on the subject.


To learn how to write better, to get more eyeballs on my work — and to share the knowledge, of course.

I collected a crapload of headlines from several of the largest publications that each had over 10,000 claps.

  • Yes, it took a long time.
  • No, I don’t have much of a life.
  • Yes, the technical definition of a ‘crapload’ is 332.

And yes, I will accept your praise in the form of claps and kisses blown across the Pacific.

Where did I get the articles?

I spent a lot of time exploring through some of the largest ‘self’ and ‘life lessons’ related…

Screw the fundamentals; this is why the next BTC surge might be just beginning

Will Bitcoin reach $100,000 in 2021?
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

While you’ve been quarantining, Christmasing, and politicking, there’s been an earthquake in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps not an earthquake so much as a new volcano rising through the surface.

And just like any volcano, it will eventually blow up — as we’ve seen several times with bitcoin in the past.

Since January 9th, 2009, when the potentially fictitious Satoshi Nakamoto first mined the initial “genesis” block of bitcoin, the price has seen an insane amount of peaks and valleys.

And if the 11 years of cryptocurrency’s history point at all to the future, we are in the midst of the next bubble all over again. …


J.J. Pryor

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