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I got a little too frustrated with the platform today

A jar of peanut butter and peanuts on a table
Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Here’s an angry rant. My apologies in advance.

I just wasted two hours of a beautiful tropical sunny afternoon where I could’ve instead been floating in an ocean wondering if there is, in fact, a conceivably better tasting sandwich than peanut butter tuna.


Well, apparently some non-lizard people don’t…

Thinking back on the craziest presidency of our times

A ceramic bust of Donald Trump
Credit: By PunkToad via WikiMedia Commons

I feel like the level of hate has dropped in our society in recent months. Not much, mind you, but rewind a year ago and try to remember the putrid vile that was our social media feeds.

A filthy pile of vomit that was in no small part due to…

Just a question. Maybe it’s just my Commodore 64-ish PC.

Screenshot by author

I feel like this started a few weeks ago. I usually burst-read other people’s articles on Medium these days. Whenever I need a break or find something curious, I’ll pop open a bunch of extra tabs and enjoy reading for the next 20–30 minutes.

For whatever reasons my lack-of-super-techie-skills can’t…

Allow me to introduce you to Johnny Boom

A rich man holding a cigar reading a magazine
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let me tell you a story.

Johnny Boom was born in 1960 to incredibly wealthy parents. …

This may be a subjective opinion

A boy smacking his head
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

The moment many of us have been waiting for finally occurred. Well, for the finalists anyway. This week, Medium announced the grand prize and four category winners for their giant $100,000 giveaway!

Now, I could go on a fun rant here.

I could talk about how that last sentence was…

Step aside Tim Ferris

A painting of a U.S. president on his ranch
Credit: By David Wilson, Wikimedia CC

Born in the black and white years of 1872, John had fame and power written into his future without the slightest desire for it.

At the time, his father was quite famous in his home state of Vermont. And for good reason, he was a hard-working fellow. …

And no, it’s not COVID

One statue holding another in a dying pose.
Photo by Alain Frechette from Pexels

Not all vaccines are created equal. At least in the eyes of different groups of people, that is.

But one of the most widely adopted vaccines in recent years has been for Hepatitis B. It’s is a terrible virus that infects the liver, eventually causing cirrhosis, cancer, and possibly death…

It’s time for an opinion flavored PB&T Feediumwich

An engine button that says start and stop in red
Photo by Ashutosh Dave on Unsplash

I regularly browse some of the top writers on Medium.

  1. Their work is often among the best, so it’s usually an enjoyable read.
  2. It’s great to learn from the best on the platform and what ‘works’ more than not.
  3. They are my competition and I must spy on them like…

Explaining the difference between ‘read time’ and ‘member reading time’ on Medium

A man reading a book in the park
Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

I love writing on Medium, but even a peaceful Buddha would know how frustratingly opaque it can be sometimes.

So today I’ll cover the ins and outs of reading time as shown and used on And hopefully, it won't take too much reading time to do so.

How is ‘Read Time’ calculated on Medium?

Whether you’re…

J.J. Pryor

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